Celebrity Expert Branding - Become A Global Celebrity

100% Done for You Best Seller Book Writing, Publishing & Celebrity Branding

Building Authority, Celebrity, Best Seller and Expert Status

We will Build Your Brand, Raise Your Profile, Increase Your influence Manage your Online presence, Make you Famous in Your Industry in addition to helping you write your book Publish and promote it on Amazon to "BEST SELLER" status and we will hand over all rights and 100% Royalty payment to you 

Authority Positioning through the Power of instant Celebrity

Have you considered the possibility of owning your own marketing channels

TV station on You Tube

Radio Station on itunes, SoundCloud / Podcast

Book Stand on Amazon, Smashwords, ibooks, Barnes and Noble etc

Your Newspaper / magazine on Rebelmouse / blog

with a publicity Campaign machinery on Youtube, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and A LIFETIME TITLE of Best Selling Author

 Imagine your name is typed into Google and several sites talk about you. You are seen on YouTube with an impressive profile on LinkedIn, read about in online magazines, twitter, blogs and other social media networks, with a robust Facebook fan page and your books on Amazon.

You’re Visible. You Stand Out How Is This Possible? We Make it Happen with our  Celebrity Expert Branding Package

100% Done for You, Best Seller Book Writing, Publishing & Celebrity Branding 

That is what we make happen with our Celebrity Branding service – In addition to the start up service  we will help you become a Published Best Selling Author on Amazon  thereby  building instant credibility and celebrity status in your niche, business, ministry and industry as The Expert. We will help write a book on your business area of about 5,000 words containing information that your readers will find useful and interesting. This book will become your new “Complimentary card”  introducing you as a published author on Amazon. All rights to the book will be handed over to you. You can package it for sale or as a free download on your website, print hard copies for sale or to give away to prospective clients establishing you as an authority in your field. 100% of the sales proceeds belong to you. 


In addition we will create and install for you

1.     A strong and impressive social media profile for people who search online for your name so you show up for the right reasons

 2. A personalized themed signature YouTube channel to launch you and celebrate you as an author with 5 videos marketing You and your book uploaded

3.      A beautiful matching Facebook fan page and we will market you and your book aggressively on Facebook guaranteeing a minimum of 5000 fans

4.    Build A matching Twitter account

5.    A professionally constructed LinkedIn profile promoting you and your book

6.   A 5 page Author website / blog 

7.    An impressive Authors profile on Amazon

7.   Book will be submitted to international book clubs as part of our marketing strategy to promote the book

8.    We will use the power of the internet to help you grow your book sale, reputation and online presence monitoring your reputation

Celebrity Branding - 100% Done for You, Best Seller Book Writing, Publishing & Celebrity Branding 

Why Write A Best Selling Book

Lifetime title of "Best Selling Author" and Thought Leader 

It establishes you as an Authority - It positions you as a credible expert  By becoming a published author, you gain a lot of authority in your specialization and will be automatically considered an EXPERT on your topic.

You can Leave a Legacy - Gain a massively unfair advantage by writing a book to make a personal statement and help yourself to leave a legacy behind. A book in your name is a big boost to the ego!

Unbeatable Branding - It is a great business card when you meet people for the first time  It's a new world.. new games and new rules apply. A book is the beginning of a personal brand and a public persona that will keep you in demand.

Good Marketing Edge - You stand out It increases your visibility and separates you from competition Being a published author is a powerful marketing weapon that could lead to new opportunities.

Thought Leadership - A book lets you become a thought-leader in your topic because it equates you with the leaders in the industry and places you at a very high level of perception.

Incredible Reach Imagine the number of people you will be able reach with your book, thereby giving you that terrific outreach and new opportunities... truly incredible! This means that you can change the lives of more people than you can do on a one-to-one or small group basis

Additional Source of income Apart from revenue from book sales, it could launch you into new income streams – Keynote speaking, coaching, Consultancy and Trainer on your area of specialization

What is included in the service

·         Book Conceptualization/Planning

·         Professional Consultative Writing

·         Copy Editing/Proofreading

·         Stunning Book Cover Designing 

·         Formatting for Print and Digital Publishing

·         Made Available on Amazon and other outlets

·        100% Royalties Goes To You 

·         Great Benefits of Being a Published Author

How It Works?

  • In this program, our writers will interview and consult you (multiple times, if required) and create a custom book that’s truly yours. Our writers will write all the content, proof read and copy edit your book. 
  • Our professional designers will format your book, design a stunning cover and get it ready for publishing.
  • We  will publish your book in both digital (Amazon Kindle etc.) and Paperback editions. 100% royalties from your book goes to you.
  • You will be in the loop and in full involvement throughout the process. You will get to present your ideas, add or edit content or provide additional notes. In fact, you will be working closely with our Editor until you are finally satisfied about your new book. 
  • This is a complete “done-for-you” service and we will take care of everything… from concept to published books in your hands (physical “real” copies of your book)                                                                 

Your Own Book: 100% Done-For-You            

Get our publishing professionals to plan, write and publish your book You own the copyright and keep 100% of the royalties from your book.

Celebrity Branding - 100% Done for You, Best Seller Book Writing, Publishing & Celebrity Branding