Are you at risk of retiring broke

It is everyone’s hope and dream to retire happily after many years of toil and labor. As one utilizes his youthful time in employment and daily work, we hope to retire peacefully and stay comfortable there after Just like the newly married would wish to live happily there after forever. However, as in the case of the newly wed who soon realizes there are many pitfalls along the way that steal the joy of living happily forever, so is the same with a person who longs to retire wealthy and realizes there are many risks and challenges that may prevent him from achieving this dream.

Are you at risk of retiring broke? Probably your answer may be an obviously no! But have you sat down to consider a few things that probably are and will be your pitfall? The thought of retiring broke brings a chill to many as one pictures a poor old person begging  from relatives or his children after retiring broke.

In Bibi Apampa’s free downloadable book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” To avoid retiring broke, one must have a clear vision and a perspective towards life.  It is important to know where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going. Some people live a life of no goals or vision if they won a lottery, they would be confused about what to do with the huge cash. When one has a vision, he will grab the golden opportunity, plant-invest the seed in the right soil, cultivate and take great care of the seed, in return it will yield thousands and continue yielding even after retirement. You are at risk of retiring broke if you have a vision-less life without a purpose.  

Living an exaggerated life and not saving will make you a perfect candidate for the broke retirees club. A stitch in time saves nine is a common saying that means if you stitch your garment before it tears completely, it will save you more. We can borrow a leaf from this and save whenever possible. Living an expensive, luxurious lifestyle without  saving is a pitfall. There is no one with too little to save. It is your lifestyle that dictates whether you will save or not.  Have a budget that you can live with and make sure to save at least 10 % of all your income towards retirement.

Avoid impulse buying, unnecessary spending and peer pressure. Remember you have a goal and a vision to accomplish; your retirement, and your motto is to retire rich wealthy and happy, not to retire broke.


Making many mistakes while investing and poor investment choices will not only make you retire broke but will also drain you emotionally with stress rated problems. You might be having the perfect goals, save meticulously but when you invest your savings in the wrong investment such as gambling, pyramid schemes and other dubious business, you would have built your castle in the air and you can surely come down crumbling. When you want to invest, always seek for financial advice and have a perfect plan like the Retire rich Retire Happy plan, understand investment basics and the risks involved. Avoid making many mistakes and learn from any that you have earlier made. You will retire rich, healthy wealthy and happy.

Article by Bibi Apampa, a Wealth and  Business Coach who specializes in helping people Retire Rich, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Visit her website to download her book “Retire Rich Retire Happy” at