1. Anything Significant in your life will require the investment of time. Invest time in your “Love Circle” those you love and whose activities affect your life e.g. family, mentors/mentees, close friends and staff


  1. Time Invested in Preparation will repay you a thousand times over. Jesus referred to those who took the time to invest in the foundation of a house on a rock were wise.


  1. Your attitude toward time is revealed every time you make an appointment with someone. Punctuality sends a message – Time matters to me.


  1. Successful negotiations will always require the investment of time – those who overcome the temptation to hurry.. always control the transaction


  1. It is your responsibility to train those around you to respect your time – you do so by respecting their own time as well


  1. Time invested in Rest and Restoration of your energy will reduce tour stress level- take time out to rest and refresh yourself, Jesus always took time out to rest and in retreat


  1. Invest time in your personal “ME-time” diet, physical fitness and body exercise – Do not abuse your body it is the temple of God, Eat right, exercise at least 30mins daily, remove self from stressors or remove stressors from self,


Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night, Maintain positive attitude, act positively towards people, and do not react to the negativity of others


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